Barnard 152


Explanation: The emission nebula part of the new complex nebula IC 1396, the top and far northern hemisphere constellation Cepheus, is the backdrop to the imposing material column, long more than 20 light years and placed at about 3,000 light years from our planet, known as the elephant’s trunk (Elephant Trunk), Barnard 152 or LDN 1125, given the evocative shape similar to the anatomical part of the largest mammal. The recovery was achieved through narrow-band filters that transmit the light from ionized hydrogen, ionized sulfur, and oxygen twice ionized in order to show the different chemical composition of the various regions, many of which are already home to new suns. The image covers a field of about one degree IC 1396 covers a vast region in the sky, covering more than 5 degrees.


Optics:Celestron C11 HD (hyperstar mode)
Mount:Avalon M1  Fast Reverse
Camera:SX H694
Dates/Times:august 2014
Location:Viterbo, W.Herschel Obs. Italy
Exposure:Lum (halpha): 630 min  OIII : 198min; SII: 108 min;
Cooling: avg – 5°
Acquisition: A.Falesiedi
SQM-L: 19.4
NOTE um: 90%

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