C/2013 US10 Catalina & NGC 5216-8

 Catalina & NGC 5216-8 per sito FIN


Description: From just beyond the point of closest approach to the earth Comet Catalina, before getting lost in the depths of the cosmos (being a very long-period comet) gives us a picture of rare beauty: a close encounter with a pair of interacting galaxies. The proximity to the so-called system Keenan consists of NGC 5216 and NGC 5218 (Arp 104) in the northern constellation Ursa Major is obviously only prospectively being gravitationally bound distant galaxies 130 million light-years while the comet was less than 100 million km from our planet. Noteworthy is the bridge of matter that connects the two galaxies in a provisional embrace, just as spectacular as the queues are developed by the comet, a light blue ionized dusty on the other which reflects the light of our sun.


Optics:Celestron C11  Hyperstar mode
Mount:Avalon M1 Fast Reverse 
Camera:SX H694 binning 2x
Dates/Times:19-20 Jan 2016 temp : -7°
Location:Viterbo, Italy 
Exposure:Lum: 6 min  Red : 2 min B: 4 min G: R/B 
Cooling: avg – 35° 
Acquisition: Astroart, Sequence Generator Pro
Processing: Iris-AstroArt-PS3 
Bortle: 7.0
NOTE um: 68%


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