C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy – NGC 925



 Lovejoy & NGC 925


Description: On the night of January 26, 2015, in his long journey the comet C / 2014 Q2 Lovejoy entering the star fields of the constellation Triangulum, meets the barred spiral NGC 925 placed at a distance of 30.318 million years light (the very precise determination of the its distance from Earth is due to the identification of numerous inside Cepheid variables identified by the Hubble telescope). The comet in the hours of the shooting is being away from the earth but of approach to the Sun, so well within our solar system, a few tens of millions of kilometers; comparing these data allow us to understand what an abyss there is between the two objects. The image is the result of a mosaic composed of 4 fields.


IR Lovejoy-NGC925


Explanation This second image show the same conjunction in the spectral band of the near infrared (wavelenght 807nm).



Optics:Celestron 11 HD f: 1,95 
Mount:Avalon M1 Fast Reverse
Camera:SX H694 binning 2x (-15°)
Filters: Baader IR/UV cut, Red Blue, Astronomik IR 807 nm
Guiding Systems: Off Axis Guide Proxima LB Astro & Lodestar X2 
Dates/Times: Jan 2015
Location: W.Herschel obs, Viterbo.  
Exposure Details: lum 5min; IR 10min,  crominance: red 2 min, blue 2min (single pannel)
Cooling Details: – 15 degree
Acquisition: Astroart, PHD Guiding, Chartes Du Ciel, Avalon Star Go  
Processing: Astroart, PS3
Mean FWHM: 3,8
SQM-L: 20.1


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