IC 434 – NGC 2024 – B33


ExplanationIC 434 is an emission nebula in the constellation of Orion , thanks to its presence , you can see the famous Horsehead Nebula , a dark cloud (Barnard 33 ), which is superimposed on our line of sight. It is an H II region , which extends south of Alnitak , on the southwestern edge of the great cloud Orion B , has a very elongated in a north – south and receives the wind directly from the ionizing star s Orionis , a brilliant member of the large Orion OB1 association . The nebula reaches 70 ‘ in length and is shown with ease in the long-exposure photo or CCD imaging , although its thickness is a few arcminutes. It is part of the Orion Molecular nebulous , a vast system of nebulosity and stellar associations which also includes the Orion Nebula and the Ring of Barnard . Due to its equatorial position can be viewed from all populated areas of the Earth. Appear in the same field other star-forming regions , including in the top image, the famous nebula NGC 2024 also known as the Flame Nebula while under the horse’s head you can see the lighting of young blue stars with their powerful winds of particles pierce the veils of dark blacks Barnard 33. Credit: Wikipedia

Celestron C11 HD Edge
Hyperstar III
Tot. Exp: L 11.3 hours. unb. (Baader H-alpha 7 nm flt.)
RGB: R 38 min; G (R/B); B: 120 min.
CCD: Starlight Xpress H694 (cooled -15° C. full res.)
Mount: Avalon M-Uno

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