LBN 552 in Cepheus


Explanation: Within the northern constellation of Cepheus and to the many regions of nebular emission there are many in which molecular hydrogen is not shining the light of young people just appear as dark clouds. The image shows a small portion of a complex of this type reported to LBN 1228 and LDN 552 (Lynds catalogs); its distance would be 180 parsec and differs from the rest of the complex to its dynamic, suggesting that it is in the nearest to us of the super-bubble Cepheus Flare. Inside were discovered several stars Ha and Herbig-Haro objects, as well as areas of star formation, such as the orange haze Cohen 129, visible in the left center of the image

Celestron C11 HD Edge Hyperstar III Tot. Exp: L 12.2 hours. unb. (ir/uv cut flt.); RGB: R 144 min; G (R/B); B: 186 min. CCD : Starlight Xpress H694 (cooled -5° C. full res.)

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