LBN 603, LDN 1295-6

LBN 603 real da sito 

Explanation: in the constellation of cassiopea in an area rich in vast clouds of molecular hydrogen weakly illuminated by radiation of young stars, it is hundreds of light-years away the nebula complex known as LBN 603 (Lynds Bright Nebulae).
In it, the stellar winds compressing and sweeping away the surrounding gas sculpted strange shapes.
It is not easy to make in this way these remote regions of the cosmos.
It is in fact a picture quite technical, difficult to achieve with amateur equipment as are faint objects in it.
For this was a real pleasure to join efforts and shooting information with the imager Lorenzo Comolli, who made this achievement possible.

In order to allow for easier reading of the vast complex nebular, below an image to which was reduced the stellar component.

senza stelle


Optics:Celestron C11 HD, TEC 140
Mount:Avalon M1 Fast Reverse , Gemini G41
Camera:SX H694, SBIG ST 11000
Dates/Times:August 2013
Location:Agnello Hill Italian Alps; Marmora Italian Alps
Exposure:Lum: 14.6 hours  R : 190min; G: 255 min; B: 220 min
Cooling: avg – 5°
Acquisition:L.Comolli,  A.Falesiedi
SQM-L: 21.4
NOTE um: 70%

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