Messier 33

M33 quadricromia

Explanation:  M33 is a prominent nearby spiral galaxy,  M33 is one of the larger members of the  Local Group dominate of two massive  spiral galaxies:  M31 and our  Milky Way.   M33 is the only other spiral galaxy known in the Local Group.   At 3 million light-years,  is the second closest  galaxy and is thought by some to be a satellite galaxy to massive  M31.   M33 is close enough  to appear twice the angular size of the  full moon,  when viewed with binoculars.

Optic: Meade ACF 10″ f 6.3
Tot. Exp: LHa 19.93 hours. unb. (Baader UHC flt.); Ha 9.3 hours
RGB: R 90 min; G (R/B); B: 148 min.
CCD : Sbig ST8300 (cooled -15° C.)
Mount: Orion Atlas EQ-G

reworked close up


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