NGC 6992 – 6995 Veil nebula

NGC 6992 6995

Explanation: terrible forms carved into the cosmos by powerful stellar explosions, catastrophic events that mark the end of a fair Sun at the end of their evolutionary cycle. The image depict a portion of the eastern region (NGC 6992-5) of the largest cloud complex named Cygnus Loop located in the homonymous constellation. The Veil Nebula itself is therefore a large supernova remnant, extended for about 3 degrees in our sky, for a real dimension of about 12 light years at the distance of these patches from the Earth or 1400 years light. The colors of this heavenly framework also unveil its major components namely hydrogen in red and oxygen with its typical blue emission.

Optics:Celestron C11 @  f6,3 Optec Lepus reducer ; 
Mount:Avalon M3 Fast Reverse
Camera:SX H694 unbinning
Location:Viterbo, W. Herschel obs.
Exposure:Lum  Hydrogen: 12,0  hours + Oxigen 8,2 hours ;   Red : 30 min;  Blue: 4.9 hours;  G: R/B .
Cooling: avg – 5°
Acquisition: Astroart, Sequence Generator Pro, PHD2, Avalon Star Go
Processing: Iris, PS 3, Pix Insight, CCD sharp, 
SQM-L: 19.2
Note um: 78%



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